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- Products and Services

 Website development, software development, IT support and (or) any other related products and services. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the purchase of any products and services from Softway IT unless stated otherwise.  Customer must read and understand and agree these Terms and Conditions.

All our services are subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. All bills must be paid in advance or as per written agreement (if any). Softway IT can cancel any service or product if bill not fully paid. Softway IT has right to increase the service charge or software price at any time without giving any reason. If customer does not want to pay increase charge then Softway IT can cancel the services or products by giving one month notice to customer.

2. Softway IT has right to cancel the contracts at any time without giving any reason. In this case Softway IT will refund remaining service charge if paid in advance. (Example: we can cancel website hosting at anytime, stop developing website, or any services or software or hardware, computer etc). If we wish we can refuse our service to any party without giving any reason at any time.

3. Softway IT will not be liable for any bad or illegal contents (text, picture etc), use, views, writings in its developed or hosted websites and (or) any misuse of its products and (or) services. In the case of misusing the services or products, Softway IT can cancel the services or support and no money will be refunded.

4. Softway IT will try to give better service but will not be liable for service failure due to natural disaster, electricity problem, computer virus or any hardware or software faults, technical faults, vandalism, strike, hartal or any other cause that is beyond control of Softway IT.

5. Softway IT will not be liable for its Customer of breaking any governmentís law. Customer must pay any legal cost or damage to Softway IT that may occur for misusing its service and products by customer.

6. Softway IT is not liable for any technical faults, data loss, computer faults caused by use of its service and products. Customer must backup its data before installing any software or using services provided by Softway IT. Backup of data is customer responsibility.

7. It is Customer responsibility to Register and Renew the domain name. In any case will not be liable for Domain renewal. Customer must keep records of its own Domain renewal date and renew domain before it expires (for example to contact Softway IT to renew domain name if registered via Softway IT).

8. Customer must use Softway IT products and services with their own risk. Customer must review the products and services before they buy it. Softway IT is not liable of misuse, faults, damage, legal charge or any other form of liability occurred by use of its software and services. 

9. Though Softway IT will try to deliver correct products but their may be calculation mistakes in Softway IT financial or any other software or services. Customer must check the software before they use it as Softway IT will not be liable for any calculation or software logic mistakes.

10. Softway IT try to provide better services but if Customer is not happy with any of our services or products they must contact us in writing within 15 days of purchase ( days may vary based on products and services). Domain registration, delivery, travel and other related cost will be adjusted with the refund. Customer will not get refund if they purchased the software in CD or installed it in their computer unless stated otherwise. If customer wants to cancel any service with us they must give at least three months prior written notice. Softway IT may not refund any money if customer cancels the service before the contract term finish and customer must pay remaining term charges.

-End of terms and conditions.                                (Thank you for choosing Softway ITís products and services.)